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We are team of professionals who is in love with adventures!

We create the best memories for you!

My story

Hi guys, my name is Alex and I live in Bali since 2009. I came here for vacation and felt in love in this magic Island Bali.
The first time in my live i felt myself home and decided to live here. I love freedom, religion, people, culture and of course nature of this beautiful place.
The ocean and adventure was always my passion, so for all this years I have been all around Bali and many other Islands, I explored all the hidden places, which usually not easy to find for tourists.

beach beach

The beginning
of Day Trip Bali

First i made tours for my friends, they suggested me to there friends and in couple years i started to have so many requests that I can not make by myself and I open a company and create a team. I spent around a year to find right people, who has the same vision about adventure and also feel the same pasion with what we are doing.

So now we are the team of 20 professionals who is in love with adventures and share our experience with you! Our main goal is not earning money, but create the unforgettable memories, which you can share with your friends and family.

What's make us

Create your best day

All our comments are telling one thing — we are making people happier while creating the best day for them on the island.

Positive team

You won't feel any language problems. All teams including guides and captains of the boats can speak English, and it is rare for Bali.

Tours are full of adventures

Just in one day, you will get maximum good emotions! We will show you maximum thanks to the well-organized logic of the tour.

New private boats

In sea tours you will travel all day on a new private boat — without a crowd, in a small group of tourists, with an experienced team and guide.

Collecting your memories

At the end of each tour you get a free photo and video report. We shoot all day with the help of the drone and GoPro — these memories will remain with you!